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People of the Earth is the trans-tasman love child of long time friends Freja & Julia.

We pledge to you our total commitment to create products that are environmentally and socially responsible, reef safe, plastic free, responsibly sourced and sustainably made. Bringing you natural, Earth Safe products that work, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature whilst leaving no trace and give back to the Earth.

We constantly examine what we are doing and if it is of benefit to the people and ecosystems from where we source our raw ingredients, to the environment our products may end up in, (particularly oceans, rivers and lakes), and to you and your family. We haven’t compromised.

We believe that every purchase you make casts a vote towards the world we want to live in.


began in boarding school in Adelaide. We were both country girls from coastal South Australia and shared a longing and love for wild places. Our shared passions for the outdoors, conservation and natural living continued into motherhood, where by coincidence we both found ourselves living and raising families in Byron Bay, NSW.

People of the Earth was born during a nice long beach walk together we thought, imagine running our own business, formulating beautiful skin care products, supporting other women, being as ethically integral as we coud over every aspect of our business…

That was 6 years ago. It’s been a steep learning curve and presented many challenges, but we are so proud to have created a brand which adheres to all of the ideals we set out with. SPF products became a survival necessity for our beach lifestyle. We wanted to feel wholly good about what we slathered on ourselves and our kids before entering the ocean.


was that the chemicals in sunscreens are a toxic concoction fit to make an environmentalist weep and your cells twitch. Even natural sunblocks left a lot to be desired as they contained industrial oils such as sunflower, grape-seed and vegetable as the base.

And thus People of the Earth was born with the decision to make an alternative to conventional sunscreen products.

With the combined knowledge of an ecology + organic chemistry degree, study in herbalism and naturopathy, a passion for raw + organic food and the consultation of a chemist with 30 years experience in the organic beauty world we set out on our formulation journey to bring you our first product, Sun Butter.

A couple of years down the track Freja has returned to her roots in the South Island of New Zealand, and Julia has relocated south of Byron next to the mighty Clarence River in Yaegl Country.