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Sale price$129.95 USD

Cruelty Free

Reef Safe

Eco Friendly

Fair Trade

Organic & Natural Ingredients

Our full suite of Merface Zinc colours - perfect for blending and mixing it up.

The ultimate combo for getting your glow on. 

Blend to customise your look. 
Highlight, Bronze, Shimmer, Gild. 
Do it all with All the Colours Combo. 

Formulated with natural & ethically sourced ingredients to help nourish and protect your skin. 
Light on the skin, yet hard wearing. 

Hours of shimmer, hydration, skin barrier protection and spf. 

Apply like a bronzer/illuminator/highlighter, or be fabulous and apply thick for gilded glory.

Merface Zincs have higher level of naturally water resistant waxes-  rub between your fingers to warm up and soften before application. 

Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Merface Gold
  • 1 x Merface Bare Natural
  • 1 x Merface Bronze
  • 1 x Merface Silver
Merface Surf Zincs are specially formulated to be gentle and long lasting on your skin, giving hours of shimmer and spf protection. Reef Safe. Ethically Made.
ALL THE COLOUR COMBO Sale price$129.95 USD