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Cruelty Free

Reef Safe

Eco Friendly

Fair Trade

Organic & Natural Ingredients

Base for body and Bare Natural for that extra durable tinted face wear. The perfect au naturel pair. 

Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Sunbiosis 80g
  • 1 x Merface Bare Natural 45g

This is the combo for long sessions in the water. 

For when you know you will be wiping water from your eyes and you need your SPF to last the distance.  

Sunbiosis  provides the base coat. Natural mineral SPF that can be applied all over, deeply nourishing and moisturising.

Top with Merface Surf Zinc Bare Natural for a subtle matte tint and added water resistance and SPF coverage. 

Bare Natural is a neutral tone that compliments all skin colours. 

Natural waxes for extra water resistance.

Think nose and cheek bones, but also good for blending.

    BASE & BARE Sale price$81.00 Regular price$90.00